The Tech Corner: Secure the future


Three key questions to ask about your technology today

As passengers witness the effects of rapid transformation in every sector of their lives, their standards for ­public transportation have never been higher. They expect a more efficient and connected rail and transit system. They’re no longer just commuters—they’re consumers. Simply put: Today’s riders want more.

By investing in the right technology, you will be empowered to improve the customer experience and employee satisfaction while gaining efficiencies across your operation and reducing costs. You’ll be able to keep your ­riders and business safe, flex fast in response to challenges and seize new opportunities to drive value while operating effectively in a challenging financial environment.

It’s time to take action, and the first step is to evaluate your enterprise and ensure your system is set up for success. To start, here are three key questions to ask about your technology today.

Is it secure?

Safety is key to protect your passengers, your employees and your enterprise.

By embracing a holistic, risk-mitigated approach, you can embed security into everything you do. Go the extra mile to avoid data breaches and safeguard your revenues, your reputation and your resilience. Look towards leveraging technology to improve the ridership experience of your customers so that they feel safe, secure, and informed while using public transit.

Does it unlock value?

Every swipe, every switch, every signal. The data is there. What are you doing with it?

By leveraging this information across your operations, from predictive hardware analytics to customer insights, you can find new ways to improve experiences, drive efficiency and unlock value—for your riders and your business—at every turn.

Will it flex for the future?

Interoperability is essential. Not only does it protect your business from unknown costs and missed deadlines, but it facilitates both integration and innovation.

With the ability to work seamlessly with new partners and vendors, you can capitalize on opportunities and trends to encourage ­ridership and generate new revenues. And with the agility to respond faster to change and easily adapt to the unexpected, you can ensure your business will continue moving ­forward—no matter what lies ahead.

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