SacRT Unveils New Low-Floor Trains


The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT), CA, has unveiled the first two of 20 new Siemens S700 low-floor light rail trains. The two vehicles have completed 1,000 miles of testing and are officially deemed ready for passenger service.

“Ensuring the safety and reliability of our trains is our top priority,” said SacRT General Manager/CEO Henry Li. “I commend our dedicated team for their hard work and commitment throughout the rigorous testing process. These new low-floor vehicles will enhance accessibility and comfort for all our passengers, and we are excited to place them in service on the Gold and Green lines later this summer.”

SacRT’s Light Rail Modernization Project is a major capital project in the Sacramento region that includes the purchase and rollout of new accessible low-floor light rail vehicles, modifications to station platforms to meet the height requirements of the new vehicles, and the addition of a passing track to allow for 15-minute frequency at all four Folsom area stations.

The first phase of station platform construction on the Gold Line is nearly complete, and SacRT will begin phase two of construction on Blue Line stations this fall.