APTA’s The Transit Authority: Mentoring


Mentoring: A Tool for Employee Engagement & Retention

January is National Mentoring Month. APTA’s official podcast, The Transit Authority, presents a two-part series on mentoring, with tools to help APTA members retain and engage employees.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) will discuss their partnerships with ATU to build and manage successful mentoring programs and how mentoring is a critical tool for:

  • Knowledge transfer—Ensuring that crucial knowledge is passed down from experienced employees to new and/or junior colleagues.
  • Positive work culture—Fostering a culture of support, collaboration, and trust to help boost morale.
  • Diverse perspectives—Crossing generational, gender, and racial lines to spur innovative ideas, solutions, and strategies for an organization and the industry.

Part 1

VTA’s peer-to-peer mentoring program increased the worker retention rate from 50-90 percent! Listen here.

Stay tuned for part two, featuring GCRTA.

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