Vontas: Retaining Employees Through Integrative ITS Technology


Vontas Shows the Value of Integration with Vontas Supervisor and the Orion Voice Platform.


Workforce shortages have been a constant challenge for public transportation agencies. According to the APTA Transit Workforce Shortage Study released in October 2022, “onboarding can be an important time to gauge how long they will stay in the position.” The study further states “Providing new equipment and the latest technologies can be a plus for employees, but employees also need training on how to use new technologies as they are implemented.” Vontas keeps these challenges in mind for Vontas OnTransit, our modernized ITS platform. It also served as the primary focus when showcasing both Orion and Vontas OnRoute Supervisor at ThinkTransit 2024.

Following the acquisition of Orion labs in December 2023, Vontas presented the power of integration between Orion and OnRoute Supervisor at the ThinkTransit Conference in Tucson, Arizona. Orion delivers instant and secure voice, location, and data messaging across connected devices and applications. Their Push-to-Talk 2.0 offering includes a web-based dispatch console and mobile applications, location services, message playback and archiving, as well as AI powered technology like real-time voice translation and support for automatic workflows triggered by voice commands.

OnRoute Supervisor is a modernized, web-based application that tracks vehicle movement and incidents. It allows supervisors to engage with dispatch and operators during operations by providing dynamic assistance and ensuring routes stay on schedule. Field-Support staff can address accidents, incidents, customer requests at layover terminals, discover vehicles’ geographical location, and much more. And they can access critical operational data without radioing to dispatch or limiting mobility.

We highlighted the collaborative capability between Orion and OnRoute Supervisor at ThinkTransit in 2024, showing what’s possible when it comes to ITS technology. When working together, both OnRoute Supervisor and Orion create a unified, streamlined experience for the operators. A system that is too complicated and difficult to learn creates frustration among the operators, adding on to the other problems they are currently facing. Operators don’t need that. They need a system that is both intuitive as it is easy-to-grasp, making the onboarding process much smoother and free of worry. When employees have the technology tools needed to do their jobs, they’re more likely to be engaged and stay within the industry so agencies won’t have to worry about a workforce shortage.

Improve Operations

Visibility into real-time operational information without limiting your mobility.

Streamline Communication

Communication tools built in as part of your workflow and application.

Increase Efficiency

Dispatch and Supervisors playing from the same sheet of music.


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