Urge Your Members of Congress to Fully Fund Public Transit, Passenger Rail


APTA strongly encourages its members to urge their Representatives and Senators to honor the promise of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and fully fund public transit and passenger rail in the FY24 THUD Appropriations Act. Join APTA’s email advocacy campaign now!

Under the Further Continuing Appropriations and Other Extensions Act, 2024 (Pub. L. 118-22), the first tranche of four appropriations bills, including the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (THUD) Appropriations bill, expires Jan. 19. Congress must complete action on the THUD Appropriations bill or a Continuing Resolution (CR) to prevent a partial government shutdown. For more information on the impacts of a government shutdown, view APTA’s Government Shutdown Impacts on Public Transportation. The second tranche of eight appropriations bills expires Feb. 2. On Jan. 14, congressional leaders unveiled a proposal to extend the two CRs to March 1 and March 8, respectively. If Congress enacts this proposal, the THUD bill will expire March 1.

The Senate THUD Appropriations bill provides the overwhelming majority of public transit and passenger rail investments authorized by the BIL. The Senate THUD Appropriations bill, together with the BIL’s advance appropriations, provides a total of $21.1 billion for public transit (including more than $4 billion for CIG) and $16.7 billion for passenger and freight rail in FY24. The Senate THUD Appropriations bill passed the Senate as part of an appropriations “minibus” package (H.R. 4366) by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 82-15. View APTA’s Legislative Update on the Senate THUD Appropriations bill.

Conversely, the House THUD Appropriations bill significantly cuts public transit and passenger rail below the authorized funding levels of the BIL. It cuts public transit investment by $2.3 billion and passenger rail investment by $2 billion from last year’s funding levels and slashes CIG funding to the lowest level in two decades. The House THUD Appropriations bill was reported from the Committee on Appropriations on a party-line vote, and the House of Representatives did not vote on final passage of the bill. View APTA’s Legislative Alert on the House THUD Appropriations bill.

Urge your Representatives and Senators to honor the promise of the BIL and fully fund public transit and passenger rail in the FY24 THUD Appropriations Act. To easily send a pre-written message to your Representatives and Senators, visit the APTA Advocacy Campaign Action Center.

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