The Tech Corner: Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management


Everything we do is driven by transit and rail

Do your riders care about TAM compliance, PTC regulation, slow zone management, predictive maintenance or NTD reports? Not likely, nor should they. That’s your job. But they do care about getting to where they need to go with reliable and safe public transportation. Our Trapeze EAM team lives and breathes transit all day every day, just like you. Our EAM helps you manage your fleet, facilities, and wayside assets to meet regulations and stay ahead of industry trends. Most importantly, we help you give every rider the exceptional journey they deserve.

One System of Truth. One System to Manage.

Transit and rail assets are unique: the roll­ing stock, facilities, equipment, and infrastructure are very complex. Our solution has out-of-the-box functionality to effectively manage all your assets and hierarchies: from the top parent to the mechanical systems and serialized components, all the way down to individual parts. Comprehensive asset, work, and materials management are the core EAM functions used by all agencies. Is your agency ready to take asset and maintenance man­agement to the next level? We are the only vendor that offers advanced EAM capabilities in a single solution, including: yard and fuel management, digital twin precision maintenance and network restrictions for rail, and powerful business intelligence dashboards to better understand your data.

Trapeze EAM workflows are built for ­transit and rail best practices. The complicated customizations that generic EAM systems require for our industry are standard features of Trapeze EAM. In fact, we supply you with a jumpstart database preconfigured with ­transit assets, coding and workflows. What this means: from the start, you are standing on the shoulders of progress made by your transit peers. This approach ensures that your EAM project is smoother and you realize the full benefits of EAM quicker.

Our entire roadmap is focused on defining a product direction that benefits our customers—not sharing the R&D budget with other industries. With Trapeze EAM you get a seat at the table with our leadership and development teams. Share best practices with other agencies at our annual ThinkTransit conference and via our customer portal, Collaborate.

Stop by booth 2153 at APTA Expo to learn more about Trapeze EAM and join us for our in-booth happy hour from 3:00 – 4:30 PM on Tuesday, October 10.

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