Santa Cruz METRO Unveils New ‘One Ride at a Time’ Buses


The Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO), CA, has unveiled more wildlife buses as part of One Ride at a Time, the agency’s campaign to showcase the environmental benefits of public transit, encourage bus ridership, and protect Santa Cruz County’s natural resources. The new buses join the 22 photo-wrapped buses already in service.

METRO also welcomes a new partner to the One Ride at a Time campaign: Kevin Lohman, an award-winning photographer whose images of birds have been recognized by the National Audubon Society. Lohman’s image of a great horned owl fledgling graces this bus.

“We are delighted to welcome Kevin Lohman to the One Ride at a Time team,” said METRO CEO/General Manager Michael Tree. “His photography captures our region’s most iconic species and celebrates the incredible beauty and biodiversity of California’s Central Coast.”

Lohman joins renowned wildlife photographers Frans Lanting and Jodi Frediani in supplying the campaign with images of the animal and plant species that depend on the Monterey Bay ecosystem for their survival. By the end of 2024, approximately 30 wrapped buses will be traveling throughout Santa Cruz County and featuring inspiring images of birds of prey, whales, sea otters, mountain lions, redwoods, and more.

“I am thrilled to join the dedicated team of photographers and environmental advocates behind METRO’s One Ride at a Time campaign,” said Lohman. “In its first year, the campaign has already done so much to raise awareness and funds for conservation in Santa Cruz County. I can’t wait to see the strides we will make together in 2024.”

One Ride at a Time is made possible through a partnership with Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission and local environmental non-profit organizations Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and the Bay of Life Fund. Through the program, every ride on a METRO bus donates to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and the Bay of Life Fund.

In addition, METRO is converting its entire fleet to zero-emission buses.