SamTrans Launches New Zero-Emission Express Route


The San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans), CA, has launched its EPX zero-emission express route, connecting South San Mateo County residents with transit hubs and downtown San Francisco.

EPX utilizes the San Mateo County 101 Express Lanes, allowing it to mitigate rush-hour traffic between Redwood City and San Bruno. To reduce redundancy in its system, SamTrans will discontinue Route 398. Customers can take the new EPX for access to the airport as well as other replacement options provided by other SamTrans routes.

In June 2019, SamTrans, with Eden Housing and the city of East Palo Alto, received the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program award for the Light Tree development in East Palo Alto. For SamTrans, the grant brought in $2.25 million for three new electric buses to help with the eight buses needed to run EPX. The Light Tree development is 100 percent affordable housing and transit passes are provided to residents.

“This route is the result of a solid partnership between my city, SamTrans, and the developers of the Light Tree Apartments,” said East Palo Alto Mayor Antonio Lopez. “Our cooperation helped us secure the necessary funding to make this equitable route become a reality.”