Reminder to Comment on FTA’s Proposed Rule to Strengthen Rail Worker Protection

By Veronica Vanterpool | 5/9/2024

Acting Administrator

Last month, FTA took an important step in improving the safety of workers who work on or near rail transit tracks as part of their jobs. On March 25, FTA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for public comment, which includes minimum Rail Transit Roadway Worker Protection safety standards.

Transit agencies nationwide would be required to create a protection program geared toward workers who work on or around tracks, implement training for those workers, and ensure that unsafe acts and conditions are reported.

The proposed rule would apply to rail transit agencies that receive federal financial assistance, State Safety Oversight Agencies, and workers who enter the track zone to perform work.

This is an important issue to the transit industry, and your input is critical as FTA develops a final rule to protect rail transit workers. Please submit comments on the NPRM by the May 24 deadline.

To assist our stakeholders in understanding the NPRM, FTA recorded a 20-minute informational video that provides an overview of the NPRM and instructions on how to submit comments to the Federal Register. The slides presented in this video are also available on our website.

The safety of our nation’s transit workers is of the highest importance, and this proposed rule is just one of the FTA initiatives underway to ensure they have a safe workplace. Again, we hope you and your organization will consider submitting comments on the NPRM by May 24.