Register for APTA’s 2024 Workforce Summit!


It’s Workforce Wednesday! APTA is excited to host its first Workforce Summit, Aug. 21-23 in Washington, DC. The summit will focus on the key aspects of Recruitment, Retention, and Reskilling and will provide a host of tools for your organization’s success:  

Day 1 — Funding: Uncover the strategies and resources crucial for sustaining a strong workforce. Discover innovative funding models and explore avenues to ensure the continuous growth of transit professionals.

Day 2 — Best Practices: Dive into a wealth of knowledge and explore the best practices in workforce development. Learn from industry leaders as they share valuable insights.

Day 3 — Partnerships: The power of collaboration takes center stage on the final day. Explore how partnerships with educational institutions, community organizations, and industry leaders can shape the future of the public transit industry’s workforce.

In addition, gain insights on the latest trends in transit workforce development. Network with industry experts, thought leaders, and like-minded professionals. Equip yourself with the tools needed to navigate the challenges of recruitment, retention, and reskilling.

Learn more and register.

DON’T FORGET: Please share your workforce development and mentoring initiatives, stories, and successes with Passenger Transport Senior Managing Editor David A. Riddy at Thank you!