Nominations Open to Serve on APTA Executive Committee, Board


Nominations are open for those wishing to serve as officers on the APTA Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The deadline to apply here is July 31.

It is vital to APTA for its membership to identify and nominate the best and brightest—from among the full range of APTA members—to serve. Only then can the nominating committee fulfill its duty to achieve balanced and fair representation of the entire APTA family.

The nominating committee will meet Aug. 15 to select a recommended slate of nominees for election at APTA’s annual business meeting in Anaheim, CA.

View a roster of the nominating committee members, a list of current office holders with information regarding vacancies to be filled, and the nominating committee policy approved by the APTA Board of Directors here. For questions regarding the election process or campaign guidelines, contact Linda Ford, APTA’s General Counsel, at