METRO Bus Shelter Art Program Continues to Beautify Neighborhoods


The Metro Transit Authority of Harris County (Houston METRO) has announced new winning designs from four Aldine Independent School District (ISD) high school campuses for its Bus Shelter Art Program, which brings student art to local communities. METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert, along with board members Troi Taylor and Diann Lewter, congratulated the student-artists during a recent ceremony.

The winning designs will bring even more color and creativity to METRO bus stops, and talented young artists from the schools will see their visions realized as their artwork graces bus shelters across their community.

Dr. Adrian Bustillos, chief transformation officer for Aldine ISD, highlighted the program’s impact beyond aesthetics. “This collaboration provides our students with invaluable experience working with professionals in real-world fields,” he explained. “They gain firsthand understanding of how their classroom learning translates to tangible applications, fostering creativity and a connection to their community.”