Join APTA Risk Management Committee Webinar


APTA’s Risk Management Committee is hosting an Insurance Requirements in Contracts webinar Feb. 28, 3:00 p.m. Eastern. Risk managers, insurance underwriters, contracting and procurement officers, and general counsels should join to learn more regarding a framework for developing insurance requirements in contracts and checking for compliance once the contract has been executed.

P.J. Skarlanic, first vice president, Alliant Specialty, will review lines of coverage and recommended limits of insurance for various type of contracts, including construction, professional services, operations and maintenance, tenants, vendors, and more.

Also, the Risk Management Committee is seeking committee members interested in serving as committee secretary. Contact Polly Hanson at for questions or to express interest.

Click here to join the webinar Feb. 28. Meeting ID: 821 7420 1058. Password: APTA