GILLIG Delivers 35 CNG Buses to ABQ RIDE


GILLIG announces the delivery of the first 35 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to ABQ RIDE, Albuquerque, NM, with an additional 18 scheduled for mid-2024. This inaugural purchase marks a major transition for the agency as it replaces old diesel-hybrid buses with new, eco-friendly GILLIG buses.

The environmental benefits of transitioning from older vehicles to these new CNG buses represent an estimated reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 356.53 tons and NOx emissions by 3014.55 pounds per bus over its lifespan, the equivalent of planting more than 52,000 trees. With the acquisition of these buses, ABQ RIDE is taking a step forward in reducing its environmental footprint while providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective transit solutions to the community.

“The decision to transition to GILLIG’s CNG buses was based on a comprehensive assessment of our needs and the goals we have for public transportation in Albuquerque,” said Leslie Keener, director of ABQ RIDE. “Their reliability, cost-saving fuel efficiency, and impressive environmental benefits made GILLIG the best choice as we work to modernize our aging fleet while ensuring our riders are provided with safe, reliable, and accessible transportation service throughout the City of Albuquerque.”

The vehicles are built on GILLIG’s signature low-floor platform. Adorned with ‘mobile mural’ paint wraps showcasing New Mexico landscapes, the buses celebrate the state’s scenery and reflect ABQ RIDE’s decision to combine local artistry with environmental consciousness.

“We’re excited to announce this new partnership with ABQ RIDE and for these beautifully wrapped GILLIG CNG buses to begin service,” said Javier Hernandez, GILLIG’s director of national sales. “We look forward to seeing these buses roll out as the cutting-edge CNG technology helps protect the very environment the ‘mobile murals’ are celebrating.”