CTA Completes ‘Refresh & Renew’ Program


The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has completed 100 percent of the work outlined in its 2023 Refresh & Renew program, which targeted nearly 30 rail stations as well as 14 bus turnaround areas throughout the city. The scope of work performed at these transit facilities included lighting upgrades to LED, widespread repainting and behind the scenes improvements to employee work areas at rail stations and some bus garages. All identified projects were completed ahead of schedule and within the $6.5 million budget.

“Providing our customers and employees with a safe and comfortable transit environment is at the top of our priorities, and the Refresh & Renew program is a vital tool in helping us deliver on that promise,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “More than just day-to-day cleaning, which has been increased system-wide in 2023, this program also helps us as an agency be more efficient by ensuring personnel thoroughly inspect each location and address repairs and upgrades that are needed both proactively and immediately—all at once.”

Created in 2019, Refresh & Renew is a yearly program that helps keep CTA’s stations in a state of good repair with routine maintenance that enhances the safety, security, and the overall look and feel of facilities. Some of the more comprehensive improvements made as part of this program include concrete repairs, removal of outdated fixtures and equipment, repairs to utility and plumbing lines, and more.

Work performed as part of Refresh & Renew also provided 14 bus turnarounds a makeover, including ensuring areas are graffiti free, repainting painted services, LED lighting conversions and components. Additionally, this program addressed and repaired unsafe defects such as repairing spalling concrete as well as broken fencing.

Complementing these station improvements, CTA also conducted seasonal power washing at rail stations across the system during the warmer months as part of its “Goodbye Grime” campaign. Between the spring and fall, each of CTA’s 145 rail stations is power washed at least once a month as part of routine station cleaning efforts.