Connectpoint: Pioneers of Solar-Powered ePaper Digital Signage Continue to Win Clients and Awards!


Providing Information & Innovation to Transit Agencies for 20 Years


Since its inception in 2018 under the leadership of CEO Rick Wood, Connectpoint has seen widespread adoption of its revolutionary digital signs across the nation. The Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop® marks a milestone as the first solar-powered signage available to U.S. transit agencies, offering round-the-clock information at the bus stop level without the need for electrical infrastructure. This technology offers several advantages:

Low Power Consumption: Connectpoint’s ePaper displays consume very little power, ­making them energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate. They can be solar- or AC- powered, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and power supply infrastructure.

High Visibility: Connectpoint’s ePaper ­displays provide excellent visibility even in bright sunlight, thanks to their reflective properties.

Durability: ePaper displays are highly durable and resistant to damage from weather elements such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. This makes them suitable for outdoor use in various climates.

Flexibility: ePaper displays can be easily ­integrated into existing bus stop infrastructure or deployed as standalone units. They can display real-time bus arrival and departure times, route maps, service updates, and other relevant information to riders.

Wireless Connectivity: Connectpoint’s ePaper digital bus stops are equipped with wireless connectivity, allowing them to receive real-time data updates from transit agencies or third-party sources to ensure accurate and updated information.

Environmentally Friendly: Energy-efficient (with an IP66 environmental rating), reduces light pollution, and complies with ADA standards

The significance of a comprehensive content management system in ensuring the success of signage deployments cannot be overstated. Connectpoint’s Asset Management System (CPAM) stands out as the industry’s sole device-agnostic content management solution, seamlessly handling LED, LCD, and Digital Bus Stops. With CPAM, agencies gain remote access and monitoring capabilities over digital signage through an intuitive and robust interface that is highly customizable. Additionally, CPAM delivers real-time alerts via the agency’s live feed, enhancing communication efficiency. The integrated features of CPAM make it an indispensable and potent communication tool for agencies.

Agencies adopting the Digital Bus Stop include PRT, Pittsburgh, PA; King County Metro, Seattle; Tri-Met, Portland; GRTC ­Richmond, and SMART, Michigan.

The Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop® has garnered recognition through various awards. Most recently, Connectpoint and Portland’s TriMet received the 2024 Smart Cities “Smart 20” award for enhancing the passenger experience. Previous award-wins include the Smart Cities “Smart 50 Award” alongside Seattle’s King County Metro; the IoT Breakthrough Award for “Overall Smart City Solution Provider of the Year,” and the Globee Gold Award for “Information Technology Project or ­Initiative of the Year” in collaboration with TriMet.


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