APTA Announces Coalition Grant Recipients


APTA has announced the recipients of its Coalition Grant Program, which seeks to protect and expand public transportation.

The recipients are as follows:

Seamless Bay Area Alliance — $10,000
San Francisco, CA

The grant will support the deepening of a coalition among community organizations and nonprofits, working in partnership with agencies and elevating the needs of low-income communities, youth, and people with disabilities. The community groups will convene people who depend on transit to provide feedback to ensure that investments meet community needs to expand mobility and access to opportunities and address the climate and environmental justice goals of the region and state.

DC Transportation Equity Network (DC TEN, a program of Greater Greater Washington) — $10,000
Washington, DC

DC TEN will participate in outreach around the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Better Bus Network Redesign and provide feedback to DC’s Vision Zero team, particularly in low-income black communities, where crashes are disproportionately concentrated.

Chatham Area Transit (CAT) — $7,000
Savannah, GA

The grant will support outreach efforts around CAT’s SMART Transit on-demand ride project. By offering flexible and responsive transportation solutions, the project aims to bridge existing gaps in accessibility and connectivity within the community, particularly for underserved populations.

Coalition to Advance Atlanta, Inc. — $10,000
Marietta, GA

APTA’s grant will support the coalition’s investments in its digital advocacy and engagement capabilities. The coalition will work to expand its grassroots network of dedicated citizens in each community who can implement outreach on behalf of the coalition. Such community involvement and engagement is pivotal to the success of information sharing and momentum generation for public transit advocacy.

Regional Transportation Advisory Committee | Town of Great Barrington, MA — $7,000
Great Barrington, MA

The grant will support extensive outreach to, and free fares for, veterans using public transit in the community and will assist in understanding how the local system can best serve veterans.

Transportation Riders United (TRU) — $10,000
Detroit, MI

APTA’s grant will support Transportation Riders United’s efforts to recruit elected officials to participate in transit ride-alongs on local bus routes. Officials will be joined by TRU and transit agency staff, and local transit riders.

Move Minnesota — $10,000
St. Paul, MN

Move Minnesota will use the grant to support several legislative goals: expanding the 2023 VMT/GHG policy for Minnesota highway projects, improvements to Metro Transit’s High Frequency Network, and grassroots coalition building.

The Street Trust – Argay Parkrose Community Coalition — $10,000
Portland, OR

The funding will help advance the development of a multi-use path in the historic Parkrose neighborhood. The project will increase access for biking and walking paths in a traditionally disadvantaged neighborhood.

Providence Streets Coalition — $9,750
Providence, RI

The grant will support Providence Streets Coalition’s Save RIPTA campaign. The coalition is working in the state legislature to secure additional funding for RIPTA.

The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee — $10,000
Nashville, TN

APTA’s grant will support alliance workshops with local nonprofits and community groups to inform their members and networks about Nashville’s current transit plans and programs, including the Choose How You Move program and efforts to reach underserved communities.

Movability — $9,830
Austin, TX

The grant will support mobility camps for first-year college students, senior citizens, and other groups. Mobility camps are day-long group outings via alternative transportation, giving participants hands-on experience traveling without having to drive.

Partners In Transit, Inc. — $10,000
Uvalde, TX

Partners in Transit will provide travel training, outreach, and case management services to individuals facing mobility barriers in the Middle Rio Grande region.

Transportation Choices Coalition — $10,000
Seattle, WA

Transportation Choices Coalition will engage a statewide coalition of business and environmental leaders, tribal nations, labor unions, and community organizations dedicated to protecting air and water to defeat a statewide ballot measure that aims to defund more than $4 billion in funding for transit, biking, and walking infrastructure.