2024 Transit Liability Benchmark Study: Request for Data


Since 2016, APTA, in co-operation with Aon’s Global Risk Management Consulting Group, has performed a study of public transit liability that results in a one-of-a-kind benchmark report. APTA partners with Aon to collect and analyze the data.

The APTA/Aon Liability Benchmark Study offers public transit systems metrics to compare their respective risk profiles against those of other systems. It also provides information to reinforce and maintain standards of practice and safety levels, in order to potentially reduce the overall cost of risk.

APTA’s Risk Management Committee encourages all APTA membership to participate in the study by providing the raw data to be analyzed. The deadline to submit data is May 13. Data provided will remain confidential and the results are anonymized. The study includes a survey of qualitative risk-related factors that will be developed into a comparative analysis to be shared with all study participants at no cost.

Learn more and submit data here. Any questions, contact Polly Hanson, APTA senior director security, risk & emergency management, at phanson@apta.com.