2023 Hot Companies: Via Transportation


A future without private cars is in reach

Recent Via projects make transit a compelling alternative to private car travel

As transit professionals know, private cars exact a terrible human toll: responsible not only for 43,000 deaths in traffic accidents in 2022, but for nearly 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions that threaten our planet. More accessible public transit is a solution — bus and rail travel are not only safer, but have lower emissions per passenger—but one that remains frustratingly out of reach for the 73% of Americans who live in suburban or rural areas.

To make it possible for more Americans to choose public transit, Via has the following priorities for 2023 and beyond: expanding transit coverage with solutions for smaller communities, instilling rider confidence with end-to-end journey planning, and creating new excitement around transit with autonomous vehicle (AV)-based services.

TransitTech for smaller communities

As the industry leader in TransitTech, Via works with some of the world’s preeminent big-city transit agencies: London, Paris, Miami, Seattle, Sydney. But Via’s most profound impact is often felt in smaller communities, where demand-responsive transit can offer a more compelling alternative to private cars than often-infrequent fixed-route bus lines. To help these communities deploy TransitTech, Via works with state departments of transportation (including the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation) and other regional entities (including transit consortium NEORide) to offer more streamlined procurement processes and more efficient pricing options.

End-to-end journey planning with Citymapper

But improved access is only part of the picture. Rare is the transit journey that begins right at a rider’s doorstep and ends exactly at their destination; more common are journeys that combine transit modes, whether that’s walking to the subway or taking a bus to the commuter rail station. End-to-end journey planning is critical to making public transit as convenient as driving—particularly for riders in less urban areas, where journeys may be more complex or connections more time sensitive. In March 2023, Via acquired the journey-planning app Citymapper, and is working with partners to bring this award-winning app to their communities—along with local branding and access to app-based data and analytics.

Autonomous public transportation

Finally, Via is bringing the most cutting-edge technologies to public transit: in November 2023, the company will launch the latest of its AV-based on-demand services in partnership with Miami-Dade County. AVs will seamlessly integrate with the existing Via-powered MetroConnect service, offering a window on a future of shared AV travel that further obviates the need for private vehicles.

Company Highlights:

  • Market leader in TransitTech, offering transit planning, operations, analytics, and MaaS software
  • 650+ global partners include transit agencies, city governments, paratransit operators, universities, corporations, and school districts
  • Experienced operator of demand-response, paratransit, fixed-route, and school-based transport services, with a driver acquisition model proven to alleviate the effects of ongoing shortages.

Via Transportation
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