2023 Hot Companies: Tech Enables ‘Modeshift’ to More Accessible Transportation


Smart transit provider Modeshift elevates passenger experiences and removes barriers to access for transit systems throughout the United States and Europe

As a leading provider of smart transit solutions seeking to enable superior public transit offerings, Modeshift is well positioned to identify the primary pain points that prevent many from utilizing public transit on a regular basis. After five years in the business, Modeshift has helped more than 30 transit agencies across two continents—North America and Europe—to best serve community transit needs.

Modeshift’s primary technology is a data-driven fare collection solution that enables transit agencies to modernize their fare and data collection processes to deliver a superior passenger experience. Through Modeshift’s offering of mobile ticketing, cashless and contactless fare collection, open loop payments and real-time data insights, user friction is significantly reduced and route optimization becomes possible.

What sets Modeshift apart is its ease of use and implementation through its software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and integration of data capabilities that allow for reduced costs and optimized operations for transit agencies. Additionally, Modeshift is the only contactless fare collection provider on the market that can deploy its system 5 times faster than competitors.

Challenges Facing Transit Agencies & the Need for Modeshift Solutions

At present, the world of public transit faces many challenges including decreased ridership following the COVID-19 pandemic, limited accessibility and potential passengers facing the first/last mile problem, transit staffing shortages and increased governmental and consumer pressure for sustainable solutions.

Enter Modeshift. By integrating fare and data collection, Modeshift empowers transit agencies to collect transit fares in a convenient fashion, eliminating the need for paper ticketing. Modeshift’s robust data infrastructure further supports transit agency needs by informing better route planning and optimization. This in turn enables greater efficiency and cost effectiveness through servicing of better utilized routes and ensuring that transit offerings match the availability and frequency needs of their passengers.

What’s Next for Transit?

Amid rapid change and innovation in the industry, the question remains, what’s next for transit? Modern passengers value sustainability and sustainable options in transit but face significant barriers to access and broader adoption. By reducing sources of friction such as outdated payment systems and lack of appropriate transit routes, Modeshift can continue to facilitate smart, sustainable and accessible transit for transit agencies and the diverse communities that they serve.

This fall, Modeshift will be attending APTA’s Transform Conference and Expo. Company representatives will be at Booth 2288.

Product Highlights
  • Automated Fare Collection
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Smart Cards and Open Payment
  • Built-in CAD/AVL
  • Cloud-based infrastructure with standard hardware
  • Carbon Emissions and KPIs Dashboard

90 Canal Str, Boston, MA 02114
(617) 849-8955