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MTA LIRR Grand Central Madison Station

Managing over 160 digital display signs plus 56 audio zones demand confidence and mastery in mass transit communication control solutions. Penta Corporation rises to the challenge. Drawing from over 45 years of global industry experience, Penta provided their WavWriter PA/VMS and PMx IP-based radio communication systems for the MTA LIRR East Side Access/Grand Central Madison project after a successful PA/VMS deployment at NYC Grand Central Vanderbilt Hall. Penta’s engineering and technical staff hit the mark during the project’s crucial timeline while working closely with contractors, integrators, and long-term client MTA LIRR.

The GCM PA/VMS deployment features our intuitive web-based content management system, in-house custom content creation, message prioritization, message scheduling, and an interface to the MTA LIRR train management system for delivery of real-time information. The system has full redundancy and active backup recording. Workstations are included for manual public announcements inside the station, as well as inside train tunnels for the train approach system and right-of-way workers.
Prior to the completion of the Grand Central Madison and the Vanderbilt Hall projects, Penta systems were already in beneficial use for years at Grand Central Station MTA Metro North and MTA NYCT platforms. All crucial and real-time information is confidently delivered by Penta’s systems, granting a seamless travel journey to the entire New York ridership above and below ground.

Grand Central Madison (GCM) is the newest MTA Long Island Railroad station representing their largest expansion of service in 112 years. Combined with GCM, Grand Central is spread over 49 acres, has 48 platforms and 75 tracks. It is the world’s largest train station by number of platforms and area occupied.

Penta Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of technology solutions for all segments of Mass Transit for over 45 years. Penta’s products include Penta Media Exchange (PMx) VoIP integrated radio/telephone voice dispatching systems and consoles, WavWriter ADA compliant VoIP voice/visual announcement systems and software, WavWriter WSM Digital signage content management solution, radio voice interconnects, interoperability controllers, & communications solutions.

“Commute with confidence. Commute with Penta.”

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